Part of the Endoscopic Vision Challenge

--> (08/06/2018) New GIANA challenge website here


After a very successful first iteration of Endoscopic Vision Challenge (and, more precisely, the polyp detection one) here we are back again for a brand new sub-challenge. This time, we are not focusing only on polyp detection in colonoscopy images. This time, we also cover polyp segmentation in both colonoscopy images and wireless capsule images. Additionally, we also introduce a task related to wireless capsule endoscopy image classification (angiodysplasia detection and localization). So, this year, we offer to you the chance to test your detection, segmentation or classification methods in completely new to be fully publicly available databases.

So, start to think about whether your existing methodology (or a new one you've always wanted to develop) suits our challenge. If so, you are very welcome to our GIANA challenge. Register now to have access to the training datasets and good luck! We expect to meet you at MICCAI 2018 at Granada!