1. Register for the challenge by filling out the registration form and indicate the sub-challenges you want to participate in.

2. Register for the associated MICCAI 2018 challenge day and pay the attendance fee.  By registering, each team agrees to use the provided data only in the scope of the challenge and neither pass it on to a third party nor use it for any publication or for commercial uses. After the challenge, the data will be made publicly available.

3. Upload your results as described in the submission guidelines of the sub-challenges before the deadline including a summary of the method used to generate the results (submission guidelines will be posted around the end of June).

4. The submitted results must be the direct output of the described method and have not been manually edited in any manner.

5. Teams have to warrantee that the test data has not been used for training the method.

6. In order to allow a fair comparison between methodologies, teams should only use provided data for training, validation and testing of the methods. That is, the use of other data (synthetic, other databases) is not permitted in the scope of the challenge. 

7. The results of the participating teams will be evaluated by the organizers of the sub-challenge and presented during EndoVis challenge.

8. In order to confirm your participation, you have to be present at the challenge with at least one team member and present your method.

9. By submitting the results to a challenge, participants understand and agree that they compromise to include those results to allow method comparison. This will be used to prepare a joint publication which writing process will be led by sub-challenge organizer(s). First and last authorship position will correspond to sub-challenge organizer(s) and each participating team will have at least one contributing co-author in the author list.

10. Data used in the challenge can be used for publication purposes only after the first version of the joint publication summarizing challenge results is submitted. This will be notified on challenge website and via mail to all people that downloaded the database. In case registered users do not follow this rule, we will ask to retire the publication.

11. Researchers/technicians affiliated or related with organization institutions cannot take part in the challenge.